Meet Don!

Meet Don Beard, one of our buyers agents on our Team!
If you need buying services, feel free to email him at:

-Why real estate? When did you know you wanted to become an agent?

Honestly, I have worked for myself for most of my life.  In 2002 I moved back to Chicago and sought out corporate employment.  I thought it may be the right time. 7 years later, I was laid off in 2009, I decided that I really did not want to work for the “Man.” My parents are farmers and they only answer to themselves and their customers. So when the opportunity presented itself, I went all in on Real Estate. I started with rentals while obtaining my broker’s license. 

-What was your first job as a licensed agent?

​  Rentals​

-Are you a full-time agent or part time? 

​Full time, no other way​

-What is your experience and education? 

​Sales/Management;  AA Marketing

-Which neighborhoods do you primarily work in?

​ North of 55(Stevenson), East of Naperville, NW Roselle, N Gurnee & E to the Lake.​

-How many clients are you currently representing?

​ 11​

-Do you like working in a team setting? Why or Why not? 

​A team is very beneficial to learning to be successful in real estate.  ​I expect equal Effort from everyone, results of course speak for themselves.

-Do you enjoy being a real estate agent?

​ Love it!​

-What is your favorite part of being an agent? 

​Buyers:  Giving people the keys to their next chapter in life.  Sellers:  Getting them what they want or need from the sale.​ Landlords: Minimizing their Vacancies and providing them with peace of mind.

-What is your least favorite part of being an agent?

​Paying my own Health insurance.​
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